Let's Change the Rules for Making Software

In early 2023, we embarked on a journey with ChatGPT and discovered the remarkable capabilities of GenerativeAI. Our journey began with simple, search-like prompts, but quickly evolved into sophisticated dialogues that produced astonishing results:

  • Reduced time on many traditional Agile activities by 80%
  • We wrote fully functional software in less than 20 minutes
  • Consistently higher quality output in less time than doing work without generative AI

We looked through this small window, into the future of making software, and clearly, the rules are changing. So, we went all in, weaving GenerativeAI into the fabric of Agile methodologies. This created a framework where AI isn't just an add-on, but an integral partner that significantly reduces the workload of every role on the team.

Our vision is clear: We exist to help your Agile teams thrive in an AI-driven world. We pursue radical transformations that cut software production time in half within just two years.

We want this for your team. That's our passion. We hope you'll join us. Here's how:

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Building software should propel your business forward without creating frustration and delay.

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