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Start hitting commitments and building trust by AI-enabling your teams

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Struggling to deliver software on time?

  • Missed Commitments
  • Keep dodging uncomfortable hallway conversations
  • Time wasted learning AI inconsistently across the team

Build Better Software Faster, by AI-Enabling Your Team


AI Training

Tailored AI course designed for every Agile team role.

Hands-On AI


Learn how to practically integrate AI in Agile practices.

Accelerated Software Delivery

Strategies and tactics to help you build software 50% faster


AI Language

Streamline communication with shared AI terminology


AI Adoption

Quickly enable your teams to use AI tools in their work

Coaching & Community


Get support from a network of peers and Agile+AI coaches

Be confident your teams are using generative AI the best way possible.

  • Learn generative AI
  • Integrate it into your Agile workflows
  • Receive virtual coaching from our Agile+AI experts

Course Registration Includes

  • A comprehensive introduction to Generative AI and its intersection with Agile methodologies
  • In-depth discussions on principles and basic skills using ChatGPT in the Agile methodology
  • Practical, hands-on sessions where teams work on Prompt-Chaining, Protocols, Power Prompts, and other AI-specific skills
  • Helpful discussion of security risks and considerations while AI-Enabling the team
  • Asynchronous coaching over 12 weeks to guide teams putting learning into practice
  • Tailored training modules addressing unique AI applications for every role: PM's, PO's, SM's, Software Engineers, and QA Engineers.
  • 12 weeks of access to the community to ask questions and join special guest conversations.

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